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YES! YES! YES! Yanik, I’m ready to extract every shred of your information marketing knowledge and get it all distilled down to a step-by-step formula to duplicate your 7-figure ‘Kitchen Table’ empire. I realize others paid $15,000.00 for this same information live but I’ll get for a tiny fraction of a fraction.

Please rush me your massive "Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing Brain-in-a-Box" that completely lays out the blueprint for true Internet wealth by selling high-profit information products. I’ll have the insider know-how to take my passion, interest, hobby or niche and really cash-in…even if I'm a complete computer "dunce" like you are.

These are the complete set of recordings, 3000+ pages of manuals, exhibits and bonuses from your SOLD-OUT $5,000/person “Info Marketing Players” Workshop & $10,000/person “How to Sell Super High-Priced Information Products & Services” Workshop you just conducted.

    "If you are starting a new journey you need a roadmap. You need to be able to follow someone who has been there before you. Your products provide that and more at an extremely reasonable price.. If you had asked me in the beginning to pay you 10% of my gross I probably would have declined. What a mistake that would have been! $20 000 to make $200,000 in 21 months. I'll do it every day. Your checks in the mail!" - Ron Mead, Portland, OR

Plus if I’m one of the first buyers I’ll qualify

for your FAST-MOVER bonuses (if available).

And since I'm also responding right away please also send me the following 7 free bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: Instant Traffic Stampede

7 absolute best, NO-FAIL traffic systems to blast your web traffic through the roof!

Special Bonus #2: Yanik’s Personal Critique of Your Idea & Website and Launch Plan

Yanik will personally review my information marketing idea and web site and my marketing “launch” plan ($875.00 value)

Special Bonus #3: Yanik’s Personal “Million Dollar Rolodex”

I get Yanik’s own closely guarded list of reliable vendors who will help me with everything I need to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Special Bonus #4: Sales Letter Templates

In only minutes you can quickly and easily create a winning sales letter guaranteed to sell your information product…without writing! I get a collection 5 different ‘boiler-plate’ letter formats I can use for any niches.

Special Bonus #5: Six-Week Turbo Charged Roadmap (Perfect for Newbies)

Here’s everything boiled down to the most critical parts distilled to a week-by-week blueprint for exactly what to do and when.

Special Bonus #6: “How to Choose Your Market & What to Sell” Audio

Solves the #1 problem most would-be information marketers have. Here’s in-depth guidelines on how to chose the right marketplace and exactly what to sell from Glenn Livingston.

Special Bonus #7: How to Succeed with Google AdWords

Get targeted traffic to your site in 15 minutes or less with this comprehensive guide from Phil Chapman.

There's absolutely no way I can lose because my investment is completely protected by your 2-Part "250-dollar penalty" guarantee.

First, I have 3 full months to check out everything, listen, read, watch, etc. And if for any reason I don't feel I'm on the fast track to building a totally automatic web site that puts money in my pocket 24 hours a day - I can just send back all the material for prompt and courteous refund. No games. No tricks. I get every penny back.

And Second, if I stay with you past the 3 months, I just have to make a diligent effort to try a handful of the marketing strategies and techniques. And if that doesn’t work to put me on track to making significant profits – I can still return the system for a full refund and get a $250.00 penalty out of your pocket! (I just have you show you I tried 3 of your techniques.)

On that totally risk-free basis, here's my order for your "Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing Brain-in-a-Box"

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